Thursday, December 24, 2009

Gumpaste Jingle Bell Tutorial

I wanted to create a few gumpaste jingle bells for a unique holiday favor.  The gumpaste jingle bell is made using a mold made from Amazing Putty. Amazing Putty can be purchased from Michael's Craft store.
Step One: Knead equal parts of the gray and yellow putty supplied in the kit until no streaks of gray remain. 

Step Two: Press the jingle bell into the putty and let rest for approximately 25 minutes.

Step Three: Remove the jingle bell from the mold. Now you have a food safe mold for creating a bunch of gumpaste jingle bells.  You can also use melted chocolate, fondant, or isomalt in this mold.

Amazing Putty is flexible; the gumpaste popped out in a snap! I used an exacto knife to deepen the depressions in the gumpaste.

Here is a close up of the mold and a side view of the gumpaste jingle bell.  I used a ball tool at the end of each depression.  I then pinched a ridge in the back center of the gumpaste jingle bell and used a needle tool to carve out a hole in the back of the bell.

Wilton's Christmas Red gel paste was brushed over the gumpaste and set to dry.

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