Monday, December 21, 2009

My Gumpaste Poinsettias & Holly Floral Spray

I wired the poinsettias and holly on Thursday and touched base with my client on Friday for pick-up.    I am still experimenting with boxing up the flowers for shipping.  So far Chef Lori's trick of wrapping each petal with fresh toilet tissue (off a new roll of course) is one of the best tips around. I've had my containers tossed and bumped and even dropped with no breakage.  So I am fine with using Lori's trick when  teaching a technique but wrapping a gumpaste flower order in toilet tissue might be seen by a client as well--not a good thing.

I used recyclable peanut packing  and stuffed thin pieces of foam around the sides and bottom of the box. Needless to say, we both braved Saturday's snowstorm to meetup for delivery.  I, ever the anal person for having to be on time,  tried to hurry and slipped on the snow, but the flowers arrived without any breakage.  It's not readily apparent in this photo but the order requested that the flowers be "sparkly" so I lightly sprayed the flowers with clear spirits and poured on some gold glitter.  This made a very subtle sparkle in the light.  I didn't want the flowers to totally lose their realism.

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